Summer Food 4 Kids: Giving Hope to our Community’s Children

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Our Director of Hunger Ministries, Jordan Evans, had this to say about our Summer Food 4 Kids program:

“When I think about fighting hunger, my mind immediately thinks of the children.  I am a father and know how much kids depend on their parents.  Kids are totally dependent upon their parents for shelter, food, and health.  These are the essentials and foundations of every person and family. While adults can choose their daily schedules, meals, and future, a child cannot. Giving food packages to over 3,000 children every summer is an extension of the real reason I love this program. I love this program because it specifically targets children who don’t have a choice of whether they can eat lunch or dinner the next day. I love this program because as adults we have a choice, and we choose to give not only a food bag but a moment of hope to these children. I love this program because while at this moment these children don’t have a choice, one day they will, and my hope is that they choose to give. Perhaps not to give food, but to give of themselves to others, to give of themselves to something good and impactful to their families, neighbors, and communities. One child that we have given to in the past may not have had a choice but what continues to fuel my love for this program is not what that child received in food, but rather what that child saw from us — people that had a choice and choose to give. I could think of no better words to end my thoughts than from Jesus of Nazareth when he said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

For more information about our Summer Food 4 Kids program, contact Angie Shaw.

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