Perry Noble: Embracing Our Path #AIM25Years

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If there ever was a message more powerful for AIM, Perry Noble sure has one of those stories to tell. As you listen to his story above, you hear the conviction behind his message and his audible passion for AIM.

Perry is one of those men that has risen up from inside the heart of Anderson. His story is one of grace, empowerment, success, and commitment. Each Sunday, his message to the congregation of Newspring brings a faith perspective that has transformed this community. But his path to become a faith leader, for one of the largest churches in United States, is fundamentally grounded in AIM.

His story reminds us of something so powerful that it is incumbent upon us to always embrace, we all need help at some point in our lives. AIM was that place, that beacon of hope, that foundation that provide Perry and his family a way to keep moving forward. Perry had a dream, a vision, and goals…AIM was there to walk right beside him.

The stories of AIM’s commitment to Anderson, SC has touched us in so many ways. There are so many individuals that have benefited through the commitment of AIM. Perry’s message brings texture to the reality of AIM’s bedrock, so deep in this community.

From the moment we watched this video, we heard his words, we listened to his passion…we were and will always be reminded of the deep commitment AIM has to anyone in need of help. Perry brought voice, context, texture to those who have struggled, asked for help, and gotten up each day to live a life of goodness.

We see the resilience in his eyes, that through this short time in his life when he needed help, it is important to always embrace our path when seeking and finding a brighter day. This is what allows us to connect with Perry’s story, because we see a little bit of ourselves in his message.

There is something comforting to know just right downtown Anderson, SC…a little place called AIM has a bigger mission which includes stories like Perry Noble.

Blog Post authored by Bobby Rettew / Gray Digital Group
Video Produced by Newspring Church

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