Who is aim?

AIM: Accept. Inpsire. Minister. is an efficient nonprofit organization that meets the needs of struggling individuals and families in Anderson County. AIM was founded by churches to eliminate the duplication of assistance to those in need. For more than twenty-five years, AIM has stabilized the community and continues to do so using its hand up, not hand out philosophy. AIM is known for maximizing resources and continues to significantly help its clients positively change their lives long-term. AIM is unique because of its numerous efficient programs and passionate, committed volunteers. AIM is well known in the Upstate for giving hope and changing lives and continues to do so with unparalleled levels of energy, efficiency and reliability.


Early in 1989, members of the community of faith in Anderson gathered to discuss how the needs of the community were being met. There was concern for the need to prevent the duplication of assistance and better serve needs in the community.
With knowledge of successful programs in other cities, this group of church members hoped to form an organization of Anderson churches and individuals to serve as a clearinghouse for Anderson’s citizens in need. On May 7, 1990 Anderson Interfaith Ministries opened its doors at 618 S. Manning Street in a rent-free building. Since then, AIM has grown to occupy five buildings on its campus, now located at 1202 S. Murray Avenue, and house many programs. It is because of the philosophy of collaboration and development of community partnerships that AIM has been able to improve and develop their existing programs.

Connect people with support, resources and education so they can empower themselves to be self-sufficient.


Promote an environment where all people in the Anderson, SC area can provide for themselves and their families. The following values represent our core principles and beliefs, which serve as non-negotiables and will not be compromised during the achievement of our mission.

Core Values:

  • Loyalty to the mission of AIM. We are committed to the personal and professional development of our staff, actively seeking staff involvement and a shared sense of commitment and ideas.
  • We believe in the teachings of our faith traditions, which provide guidance and instruction for the work that we do.
  • We honor and preserve the organizational history that our reputation has been established upon.
  • We value data-driven decision making and seek input from our stakeholders, partners and clients.
  • We value community engagement and provide access to information, knowledge and opportunities.