The Language of Love and Understanding

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Everyday, our clients amaze us with their stories of resilience. However, sometimes it is more than words that make us thankful to help those in our community. Read a testimony in the language of love from one of our AIM staff below.

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.”  — Geoffrey Willans.

“I was fortunate enough to understand what this quote truly meant when I assisted a Ukrainian gentleman today. He spoke very little English, and we were separated by the decades between us. However, after assisting him, he clearly told me Jesus is his savior, and that he is mine as well. He also wished me a happy Easter and thanked me for helping him. Despite our language barrier, he smiled the entire time we spoke, and I smiled back. I appreciated his wisdom and experiences, and he appreciated my intelligence — frequently comparing me to a computer — but mostly we appreciated each other’s differences. I’ve learned language is not only defined by the words someone speaks/writes, but it also includes action and emotion. I’m aware of non-verbal communication and its importance, but this experience was so much more. It was a time for the universal human language to present itself. It was a language of love and understanding. It was a language of patience, kindness, and appreciation. We should all be lucky to understand this language.”

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