Giving Hope Through Emergency Assistance

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Read below about how AIM gives hope everyday through our Emergency Assistance Program.

Have you ever been at the point of not knowing where to turn for help? This next story is one where our client was at the point of losing her home and not knowing where to turn for help. We were there for her in this most devastating time in her life. This is her story of how AIM helped her to sustain and have hope in a very dark time.

“A client came into our office for rent assistance with a very sad and unfortunate story. She had worked at a company for the 15 years, but then suddenly started fainting and having panic attacks. She was diagnosed as being Bipolar and was put on medical leave from her company. She had long-term disability, but it ran out before she could get approved for SSDI. She was turned down twice for disability and now had to hire a lawyer.

After completely exhausting her savings, she only receives $194 in food stamps and does not know how she will pay her bills while waiting for her disability to be approved. She cannot live with her daughter because her daughter cannot make ends meet either and she lives in another state. Her mother also lives in another state and cannot live with her mother either because she lives with a woman that pays her to take care of her. A very sad story, but the situation would have been much worse had we not been able to help this client with her $900 rent. Providing this assistance guarantees that she will be able to stay in her home for at least 30 more days. Hopefully, by then her disability will be approved.

This client has so much on her at this time. She stated that AIM has been a blessing to her in this time of need. Without AIM, she did not know what she would do. It is in times like this that AIM can change the lives of people and give them hope. Through the generous donations of our community, we are able to connect people to support, resources and education, so they can empower themselves to become self-sufficient.”

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