Beverly Odum: The Texture of Christ #AIM25Years

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How many times have you heard that saying, “Big O Dodge, under that big American flag on the Motor Mile.” I know I have heard it most of my life, growing up here in the Upstate of South Carolina. I think I have driven past that big American flag more times than I can care to count. But, I did not know the story inside the walls of Big O Dodge.

It was one rainy afternoon and off I went to go meet Mrs. Beverly Odum, the owner of “Big O Dodge.” For years, I had heard the story of the tragedies the Odum’s had faced, but had no idea the many layers behind these tragedies, this legacy living today.

Mrs. Beverly Odum is a woman of faith, family, and commitment to her community. Sitting down to interview her in her husband’s office was a bit intimidating. Here is a smart, intelligent woman, with a large conviction and a larger story to tell.

As you watch the video above, you learn that Mrs. Odum articulates that legacy her husband and son left, and the burden and commitment to the employees, customers, and community at-large she bares. She is carrying her cross, but it is larger than the Big O Dodge business…it is one of commitment to Christ and the community she serves.

But we just cannot begin to fathom the bigger message here….her commitment to the people in Anderson. Her family has been connected to AIM for many years. From helping families in need, serving inside the many volunteer initiatives, supporting AIM financially through programs like WACS. But it is more than using your time, energy, and resources to help those in need…it is a part of her ethic.

Let’s un-pack that a bit. Let’s pull back the layers a little bit more!

AIM is a major part of her life and the life of her family. She shares early memories of her husband and sons showing up to help and realizing there was a bigger need. Then, stepping up to not just close the door on the bigger need…but spending time with love and commitment to help those right here in Anderson.

AIM is embedded inside her very being, to be a faithful person not only to Christ but also to the very body of Christ. That body of Christ is right here. When I walked away from her interview, I labored and watched as we produced her story; and I was reminded that it does start with me. We can either get-up everyday allowing our past to be the crutch that we lean upon, or we can use it as the texture on our skin when getting dirty to help those in the name of Christ.

We should be so blessed to have people like Mrs. Beverly Odum in our lives. Maybe we should pick up our cross and walk with her, right here in Anderson, SC.

Blog Post authored by Bobby Rettew / Gray Digital Group
Video Executive Producer: Bobby Rettew / Gray Digital Group
Video Editor: Mark Berry / Gray Digital Group

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