Housing Career Coach

Housing Career Coach



Responsible for providing comprehensive services and information that enables participants to take an active role in their housing and employment stability.  The Career Coach collaborates with participants to identify, define, and establish individual plans for housing needs; acts as an aid to participants by assisting them with resources to obtain stable housing. Advocates for participants to assist in removing barriers that prevent access to housing. Provides resources and makes referrals to assist participants to obtain/ maintain employment to stabilize housing needs.  Responsible for working in a team environment while advocating for participant housing goals and establishing relationships with community partners to provide additional resources as needed.



  • Meet with participants, at least monthly, and make home visits when appropriate.
  • Provide orientation and assessment of needs specifically related to housing, noting other issues that could impede housing stabilization.
  • Schedule and conduct meetings with participants to review their budget and work on longer-term stabilization goals which address employment/income, money management strategies, and vocational/educational needs.
  • Assist to provide supportive services for participants to remove barriers for housing and employment when funds are available or through referral both internal and external to AIM.
  • Refer participants to other community resources to gain support for goals and follow up to ensure referrals were completed. A referral may include providing or setting up transportation for a client to access the resource effectively. It may also mean accompanying them and/or setting up an advocate to attend a meeting with the participant. Resources may be external to the organization or internal.
  • Track and document client progress for program requirements.
  • Develop and monitor individualized housing plans with goals for sustainability. Support participants through all stages of the plan, and address any obstacles or challenges.

Hold clients accountable for achieving goals and objectives as identified by the individualized housing plan.

  • Ensures that participants adhere to housing guidelines and when applicable, requirements of the AIM housing programs.
  • Assist participants in exploring housing opportunities and assist in preparing/revising paperwork required for housing.


  • Input data into AIM’s data system and assist in tracking all data requirements in real time for data management of services/assistance provided to participants.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.

Reporting Structure

This position will report to the Director of Housing. This position will work up to twenty-eight hours each week.


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a human service with at least one year working with a special needs population (i.e. homeless, mentally ill, substance use, etc.) or commensurate experience or training. Demonstrated knowledge of homelessness, behavioral health, success planning, community rehabilitation and case management. Able to be flexible and appropriately handle stressful situations. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to network with landlords and develop relationships with community service providers.  Must have an understanding of relationship-based service models and be comfortable working alongside volunteers. Must be a self-initiator and be able to problem solve various life issues. Have ability to interact effectively, both internally and externally to AIM, with people who are diverse in skills, cultures, and authority levels, interests, backgrounds, and economic status, to get tasks accomplished. Must be able work well under a collaborative supervision and off-site office arrangement where clear and consistent communication is imperative.  Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel and ability to work with case management systems to input and track data in real time.


How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to careers@aimcharity.org.


AIM is a non-profit, public benefit 501c(3) corporation and operates as an equal opportunity employer.
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